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Who Wants to Be an Astronaut?

Sally Ride
(1951 – 2012)
This show features:
STEM, Science,
Women in Science, Technology, Exploration

In 1983 aboard the space shuttle Challenger, Sally Ride became America's first female astronaut and its youngest. What was it like to be our first woman in space? How did they have to modify the space shuttle? How do you eat, sleep and work in zero gravity?

Dr Sally Ride will delight and surprise you with her unique and challenging adventures. Everyone loves trivia and game shows so get ready to blast off in an exciting competition. Who Wants to be an Astronaut?

"Sally Ride was a hit! I'm so glad that we asked you to portray her for us as you were really wonderful! The kids did ask lots of great questions and you were really ready for them!" ~ Amber Kraft, Education Specialist, National Archives and Records Administration

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The National Archives and Records Administration