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ROSALIE CALVERT and the War of 1812- video below, info far below

"Thank you so much for sharing your passion and enthusiasm for Maryland's history. The children just loved your presentation...
I can't imagine a better way for my social studies students to learn about our MD history."
Nikki Snyder, Benfield Elementary School (Maryland) Teacher

Mary Ann Jung as Rosalie Stier Calvert: Rosalie of Riversdale: War of 1812
(7 min 40 sec)


Topics covered:
War of 1812, plantation life, Star Spangled Banner,
Maryland history, Washington DC history, Baltimore History, Battle of Bladensburg

Mary Ann Jung as Rosalie of RiversdaleIn 1794 Henri Stier and his family, including sixteen-year-old Rosalie, fled their home in Antwerp to escape France's advancing army. They only planned to stay in America until it was safe to return home. However, the fighting dragged on, so the Stiers settled into life in a new country and culture. The vivacious Rosalie married George Calvert in 1799 and became mistress of his plantation, Mt. Albion. When her father finally did go back to Antwerp, he made the unusual move of leaving his plantation in Bladensburg, "Riversdale Plantation", to his daughter Rosalie -- not her husband, which was the custom. Learn what it meant to be in charge of two growing plantations in early 1800's Maryland through the remarkable story of Rosalie Calvert.

Be swept into the action of the War of 1812! Audience members will flesh out the adventure by becoming the British versus the Americans to better understand this important war. Re-live the dramatic Battle of Bladensburg ---and find out how close it came to Rosalie’s beloved Riversdale. Which lucky guests will be chosen to portray President and Dolley Madison?

Thrill to the stirring creation of the Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key, who married Rosalie’s friend Polly. Finally, discover what happened to this unusual businesswoman, her husband, and their nine children in this inspiring recounting of life in that tumultuous age.

This program is especially perfect for those organizations, schools, museums, and all functions celebrating the 200th anniversary the War of 1812. This presentation makes to understanding easy for almost everyone, even grammar school children, the importance of this war, and how this era affected the newly independent United States of America.

Read an interview with Mary Ann Jung by the Maryland Humanities Council, about Rosalie Calvert