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Clara Barton
This show features:
American Civil War, Women's Rights, History of Medicine

Proper ladies of her time were supposed to be quiet, get married, have children, and stay home. Miss Barton would have none of that! She defied society’s conventions and risked her life in order to help others, thus becoming a true heroine. Audience members portray Yankees and Rebels, "nay-sayers" and believers, in order to discover why Americans fought each other in the Civil War and what that meant on a personal level.

A passionate and moving public speaker, Clara dramatically relates how she became the first woman to work for the Federal Government, its first female department head, and America’s first woman ambassador. You’ll be swept into her story of the Civil War and the dangers of nursing at the Battle of Antietam. Finally, learn about her nine-year struggle to get America to sign the Geneva Convention and join the International Red Cross. There are few better role models than Clara Barton, who still inspires us to “Never Give Up!”.

Recommended By:
Smithsonian, Civil War Groups and Museums,
Red Cross Chapters, Military Bases,
  Women’s Groups, Hospitals and Nurses Groups,
Senior Citizen’s Association